Vostra Media reserves the right to advise the Client of such and send a separate quotation to the Client and to request payment for any further alterations. Vostra Media reserves the right to request payment be received for further alterations before continuing work. Upon completion of agreed design, the Client is asked to confirm in writing by email or postal mail that the design and the screen size is signed off as complete and agree that any further design alterations are chargeable. If the Client requests design or content alterations to pages that have already been completed, new pages or different functionality other than that specified in the original quotation, Vostra Media reserves the right to quote separately for these alterations. If optimised pages are included as part of the project, Vostra Media will optimise the Client’s web pages that already make up part of the project. Optimised pages is not creation of new pages. The optimisation of the web pages can include the meta tags, keywords, description, title, alt tags and text provided by the Client. Vostra Media endeavours to create pages that are accessible to search engines. However, Vostra Media gives no guarantee that the site will become listed with search engines. If an error or issue with the design or code arises during the project, which does not allow the design or code to match the original specification, then the Client agrees that Vostra Media can apply a nearest available alternative solution. Vostra Media at all times applies reasonable skill and care in provision of services. On request, Vostra Media can create a copy of the website on one CD to be posted to the Client on project completion. A small charge will be made to cover the cost of this, unless quoted otherwise. Once the project is completed, Vostra Media will upload the website to the Client’s live web address if included as part of a project. Vostra Media are not responsible for managing or updating content for websites and pages. Vostra Media provide the platform for which users can manage content manually mainly using WordPress and Drupal Content Management Systems.  Vostra Media shall provide adequate training and guidance on how to use the appropriate Content Management Systems but shall not be responsible for managing or updating content created by the client unless agreed otherwise. After site completion, a Client or a third party of their choosing may wish to edit their website code themselves to make updates. However, the Client agrees that in so doing they assume full responsibility for any issues which occur as a result of changing the code themselves. If the Client or a third party of their choosing edits the website code and this results in functionality errors or the page displaying incorrectly, then Vostra Media reserves the right to quote for work to repair the website. Vostra Media reserves the right to assign subcontractors in whole or as part of a project if needed (either from the UK or another country). Vostra Media will keep a copy of the site and design source files when a website project is being worked on. However, the Client agrees that it is their responsibility to have regular backups made by themselves or the third party hosting services in case of a software or hardware failure at the third party hosting servers. All communications between Vostra Media and Client shall be by telephone, email, Skype or postal mail, except where agreed at Vostra Media’s discretion.